NVDA 2018.4 Beta 2: Improved Responsiveness in Mozilla Thunderbird

David Goldfield


Last week I mentioned that NVDA 2018.4 beta 1 was exhibiting slower responsiveness with certain keypresses. This was noticed in Thunderbird but also in Google Chrome, two programs which I use daily. I'm happy to report that this situation has improved and the responsiveness is much better in beta 2. However, the 2018.3.2 production build still seems snappier regarding the time it takes me to press a key until I hear the output or results of that press. I most notice this when navigating by links using K or shift-K. I'm very pleased that things have improved with beta 2 but I do hope that the final 2018.4 release will behave identically to 2018.3.2. Could someone from NV Access comment on this? Were changes made to NVDA which could, potentially, increase latency with key presses?

David Goldfield, Assistive Technology Specialist WWW.David-Goldfield.Com

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