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Hi your restart issue. I see issues here as has been mentioned before and there is an issue on github for that though the number escapes me. It seems that only a few people experience it and it is due to windows holding on to a file while its trying to rename it and start a new log file. In Windows 7 this is fixed by pressing esc to remove the system error message and then manually restarting, though on odd occasions I have seen the two nvdas in the tray, but that is mainly due to the old version being forcibly terminated rather than gracefully exiting. In this case the new version that created the issue due to the log is what put the nvda in the tray of course.

I do not use Visual basic, but I really would encourage you to set up a github account and post your errors and problems there as for somebody else to do it who has no way to check if a fix works is a little long winded and hard to administer. Github is not that friendly but what I did is set it up to auto log in and have shortcuts for the new issue and search bits on nvdas area. I also get the email list.
One annoyance with that I find is that it flatly refuses to let me see messages I have either posted or tickets I raise on the email feed, though of course you can see them on the web site. also the person who designed the search engine on the site seems to have been away with the fairies at the time. Either that or its some kind of Mensa membership test, as normally I get results that are anything but intuitive!
Oh, I almost forgot, in their infinite wisdom they now insist on the up to date browser.
Too lazy to allow others I suspect.
Brian being controversial.

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Dear all.
as you all know, NVDA 2018.4 is on the way. at the moment, the
developers' version is available to check for probable problems.
there's a problem which I have seen with different versions of NVDA.
it won't say anything in Visual Basic in Microsoft visual studio. I
have tried it on Microsoft visual studio 2010. it's fine with the
design area. but it keeps being completely silent while the text
editor area is on the foreground. I have no account on Github. but if
you have one, please let them know about this very significant
problem, so that it can be fixed in the next release. it's kind of
important. because you can't simply edit what you write within the
text-editing environment. as a result, programming gets difficult on
visual basic in microsoft visual studio 2010, using NVDA. please do
tell the NVAccess team about this major problem. note: this is not the
case with JAWS. it's fine with VB in MS Visual Studio 2010. you can
easily move with design and text-editing area with jaws. therefore,
you can easily edit what you've written in the text editor

let's keep in mind, this is not the only case.
NVDA crashes as you let it get updated out of addon updator but
mannually restart it.
as you know, while using addon updater, it lets you know when there
are addons to update, after installing, NVDA asks you to let it
restart. if you choose yes, NVDA will restart, but after rebooting,
you will see a couple of NVDAs on the system tray. if you press enter
on one of them it will disappear. if you say no, and then you will
mannually exit and reload NVDA, it will crash after a few seconds, and
won't reload unless you sign out and sign in again.
I should mention that all these cases have taken place in windows 10
18.9 64 bit latest update.
thanks again.
take care.

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