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Of course like many surveys, it is just a result of those who did the survey. I strongly suspect out of the general users the percentage is a lot lower than this.
I have many friends who are nvda users not one of them has a Braille display, and only a handful can read the code in any case.
I certainly cannot justify buying one. I can see how for many functions it would be useful if you can read it, such as programming etc, but for general use on an everyday basis by somebody just using applications, email and some shopping or social media, much of the latter now done on mobiles, then really its not needed.

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Subject: Re: [nvda] A random question, related to screen readers in general

I think that the WebAIM Screen Readers surveys have this info

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A Google Search for something like percent of screen-reader users use Braille produced this as one result:
If you search for the word Braille and repeat the search until you get to the relevant content, you will find information about the number of users of different screen-readers who use Braille output.

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Subject: [nvda] A random question, related to screen readers in general

Hello all

Does anyone know how I might find out what percentage of screen reader
users use braille displays?

Apologies for the random nature of this question,


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