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Well nothing, but your IT folk can surely run a trace on the IP address the licence uses to phone home and find out why its not getting through, the vendor can no doubt give you the address to give to your it folk. I'd have asked them if there had been any change over the time you were off, often the smoking gun approach can save a lot of time if they know what they are doing they can simply put an exception into a firewall for that address.

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Update my situation:

Things I have done until now.
1. Uninstall vocalizer driver and delete everything from %appdata%.
2. Download the driver and reinstall it.
3. At the activation, I get the following error.

"Error verifying credentials: Can not connect to Vocalizer for NVDA server. Please check if your internet connection is working."

4. I already contact IT department in my workplace regarding both errors. They don't know the address, IP or something like that of the Vocalizer for NVDA server, so they cannot do anything for now.
5. I sent an e-mail to Tiflotecnia regarding the problem.

What should I do next?
Thank you.

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