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This may seem an odd question and I do not know who to aim it at.
What is the difference in link navigation on FF and waterfox between tab and k?
There is often some discrepancy on getting to the go to basket link on Amazon where k will work but tab will not
I just want to knoe if its..
a finger trouble at my end
B browser related
c Nvda related!

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Wow! Just wanted to say what a vast improvement NVDA 2018.4 beta 2 and FF is. Now this is the speed I’ve been waiting for since FF 57 came out almost a year ago. Thanks NV Access. I now use both JAWS and NVDA and JAWS 2019 at the moment was the winner in responsiveness. Now that’s changed in the new beta. Hope this will carry over to 2018.4 final build.

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