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That sounds like an espeak thing, is that the synth you aare using?
As for verbosity, I tend to just shut it up with any key press.

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I recognize that these are small things that the developers may not think
are important enough to fix. Here goes anyway. When I am opening a file
in word I press control O and then tab twice. Nvda says recently opened
files. You haven't opened any files recently. This was not unexpected the
first time I opened a file after installing nvda. However, I use word
every day and the message continues. At first it was a laugh, then a smile
and now it's I wish it wouldn't do that. Another thing is the
pronunciation of s o u r c e. In the united states source rhymes with
horse not with farce as nvda pronounces it. I have tried to fix it in the
dictionary but when I replace the h in horse with an s it goes back to the
rhyme with farce. Well, I guess that's just the way it is.

73 (Regards).

Max. K 4 O DS.

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