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enes sarıbaş


There is the international phonetic alphabet, in which each letter corresponds to a sound in human language. The problem is, NVDA will not pronounce the letters correctly, moreover, I do not know what letter each of them stand for because of this. NVDA will usually read them with wierd and unusual names, or just say symbol 3b32C or something similar and skip over them.

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Can you describe in detail what is supposed to be there and what you hear nvda saying? It may well be that some clever person here can get regular Expressions to rescue the situation. I don't know but your message does not actually tell us what the problem actually is. I assume that using all for the punctuation level does not resolve the problem for you?

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So I am doing my masters in linguistics, and have a writing assignment about a topic in morphology. The problem is, the morphemes are transcribed in the international phonetic alphabet, and bracketed and for this reason nvda will not read them correctly. Has anyone else here done linguistics, and if so how did you solve this problem? I am afraid of failing the assignment not because of a lack of efort, but because I can't access the matterial correctly. Would a braille display help with this?

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