Re: ergent help needed with phonetic transcriptions

Jonathan COHN

Well, I have seen no resources for NVDA, but a professor at Rice University has worked extensively on a Braille version of IPA and has also written a guide to getting IPA to work with JAWS.

A good starting point is from the Braille Monitor at:

I expect the instructions for JAWS might be easily modified to work with NVDA but I have no idea how the UNICODE character maps for NVDA are defined.

The article also mentions that Duxbury can translate IPA Unicode into Braille but no mention of lib-louis.

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So I am doing my masters in linguistics, and have a writing assignment
about a topic in morphology. The problem is, the morphemes are
transcribed in the international phonetic alphabet, and bracketed and
for this reason nvda will not read them correctly. Has anyone else here
done linguistics, and if so how did you solve this problem? I am afraid
of failing the assignment not because of a lack of efort, but because I
can't access the matterial correctly. Would a braille display help with

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