Re: ergent help needed with phonetic transcriptions

John Isige

Ah. I see that didn't work. Well, let me try just pasting the text in then.

#Posted by Marshall Flax.
# Converted from

æ    Ash
ç    C Cedilla
ð    Edh
ø    Slashed O
ħ    Crossed H
ŋ    Eng
œ    O E Digraph
ǀ    Pipe
ǁ    Double Pipe
ǂ    Double Barred Pipe
ǃ    Exclamation Point
ɐ    Turned A
ɑ    Script A
ɒ    Turned Script A
ɓ    Hooktop B
ɔ    Open O
ɕ    Curly Tail C
ɖ    Right Tail D
ɗ    Hooktop D
ɘ    Reversed E
ə    Schwa
ɚ    Schwa With Hook
ɛ    Epsilon
ɜ    Reversed Epsilon
ɞ    Closed Reversed Epsilon
ɟ    Barred Dotless J
ɠ    Hooktop G
ɡ    Lowercase Script G
ɢ    Small Capital G
ɣ    Gamma
ɤ    Ram'S Horns
ɥ    Turned H
ɦ    Hooktop H
ɧ    Hooked Heng
ɨ    Barred I
ɪ    Small Capital I
ɫ    Lowercase L With Tilde
ɬ    Belted L
ɭ    Right Tail L
ɮ    L Yogh Digraph
ɯ    Turned M
ɰ    Turned M, Right Leg
ɱ    Left Tail M
ɲ    Left Tail N
ɳ    Right Tail N
ɴ    Small Capital N
ɵ    Barred O
ɶ    Small Capital O E Digraph
ɸ    Phi
ɹ    Turned R
ɺ    Turned Long Leg R
ɻ    Turned R, Right Tail
ɽ    Right Tail R
ɾ    Fish Hook R
ʀ    Small Capital R
ʁ    Inverted Small Capital R
ʂ    Right Tail S
ʃ    Esh
ʄ    Hooktop Barred Dotless J
ʈ    Right Tail T
ʉ    Barred U
ʊ    Upsilon
ʋ    Script V
ʌ    Turned V
ʍ    Turned W
ʎ    Turned Y
ʏ    Small Capital Y
ʐ    Right Tail Z
ʑ    Curly Tail Z
ʒ    Yogh
ʔ    Glottal Stop
ʕ    Reversed Glottal Stop
ʘ    Bull'S Eye
ʙ    Small Capital B
ʛ    Hooktop Small Capital G
ʜ    Small Capital H
ʝ    Curly Tail J
ʟ    Small Capital L
ʡ    Barred Glottal Stop
ʢ    Barred Reversed Glottal Stop
ʣ    D Z Digraph
ʤ    D Yogh Digraph
ʥ    D Curly Tail Z Digraph
ʦ    T S Digraph
ʧ    T Esh Digraph
ʨ    T Curly Tail C Digraph
ʰ    Superscript H
ʲ    Superscript J
ʷ    Superscript W
ʼ    Apostrophe
ˈ    Vertical Stroke Superior
ˌ    Vertical Stroke Inferior
ː    Length Mark
ˑ    Half Length Mark
˞    Right Hook
ˠ    Superscript Gamma
ˡ    Superscript L
ˤ    Superscript Reversed Glottal Stop
˥    Extra High Tone Bar
˦    High Tone Bar
˧    Mid Tone Bar
˨    Low Tone Bar
˩    Extra Low Tone Bar
̀    Grave Accent Above
́    Acute Accent Above
̂    Circumflex Above
̃    Tilde Above
̄    Macron Above
̆    Breve Above
̈    Umlaut Above
̊    Ring Above
̋    Double Acute Accent Above
̌    Wedge Above
̏    Double Grave Accent Above
̘    Advancing Sign Below
̙    Retracting Sign Below
̚    Corner Above
̜    Left Half Ring Below
̝    Raising Sign Below
̞    Lowering Sign Below
̟    Plus Below
̠    Minus Below
̤    Umlaut Below
̥    Ring Below
̩    Vertical Line Below
̪    Bridge Below
̬    Wedge Below
̯    Arch Below
̰    Tilde Below
̴    Superimposed Tilde
̹    Right Half Ring Below
̺    Inverted Bridge Below
̻    Square Below
̼    Seagull Below
̽    Over Cross Above
β    Beta
θ    Theta
χ    Chi
‖    Double Vertical Line
‿    Bottom Tie Bar
ⁿ    Superscript N
↑    Up Arrow
→    Rightward Arrow
↓    Down Arrow
↗    Upward Diagonal Arrow
↘    Downward Diagonal Arrow
͡    Top Tie Bar
    Macron Acute Above
    Grave Macron Above
    Grave Acute Grave Above

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