Re: Scren reader malfunctioning

Quentin Christensen

Have you restarted the computer - not just closed the lid, but go to the Windows shutdown option and choose "restart".

On Sat, Nov 24, 2018 at 12:46 PM Ibrahim Ajayi <kobisko@...> wrote:
Hi good people:
Please I am having problems with my NVDA screen reader.  I started
having these problems after a reformatting of my laptop computer a few
days ago.
The first problem is that I cannot change the keyboard layout from
desktop to laptop.  When I activate the laptop option, it does not
change from desk top to laptop.  I don't understand why this is
happening.  I in fact re-installed the program, but the problem has
The problem is peculiar with NVDA, because I don't have these problems
with JAWS.  Please is there a fix for these problems.
I also want to find out how I can turn on windows defender, or windows
firewall.  When I attempted turning on windows defender, by typing
defender in to the search box, and windows defender coming up, I am
unable to pull down the file menu to go to tools, in order to do the
turn on.  I even tried using the application key, all to no avail.
Hope to read a response.
From Ibrahim.

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