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Ralph Boersema

Thanks! This has been done and the problem remains. The System sounds are output through the headset, as I want, but the NVDA output goes through the speakers, which I do not want. The synthesizer has been set to output through the headset, but it does not do so.





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Hello Ralph,

Did you have a look at the sound settings in the system tray?

If you press windwos+B, use the up arrow key to find the sound icon. It may say "speaker", or "headset".

If it says speakers, right click on it using the appropriate key stroke or shift+f10.

choose "open sound settings"

You will have a list of your sound devices.

Choose your headset and press enter.

Other idea, if your headset is a bluetooth device, do the same procedure to find the bluetooth icon in the system tray.

right click on it to display your bluetooth devices.

Try to disconnect your headset and connect it again.

More radically, uninstall your device and install it again.

That is all I can think of.

I hope you will find a way to solve your problem.



Le 27/11/2018 à 03:44, Ralph Boersema a écrit :

I already did this and also already restarted the computer. The problem remains.




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Subject: Re: [nvda] Audio Output


Try closing and restarting NVDA.



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Subject: [nvda] Audio Output


Dear Friends,


Today I replaced my headset (Logitech H820E) with a new one of the same kind. First it worked well. Then I restarted NVDA and the NVDA output switched to the laptop speakers. The system sounds still output through the headset, but NVDA does not. All the sound device settings that we could find are correct. The NVDA setting under preferences for sound output is set to the headphone as desired. Nevertheless the NVDA output comes through the laptop speakers and not the headset. I am using Windows 10.


Any suggestions?




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