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Ralph Boersema

Thanks! This did not work. However, I now have something more weird. By selecting the laptop speakers, NVDA ouputs through logitech headset (but it cuts off the initial letters of words ). Still more weird, it now sends the system sounds out through the speakers.

The headset is Logitech H820E,.


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In my experience Windows 10 sound is a bit of a mess. All I can suggest is to alter the settings for nvda to the speakers, save the settings, then restart nvda and try to reselect the headphones. It could be for some odd reason that the new headphones are being held onto as the old ones by nvda.
Now do not ask me why the other sounds switched cos I'm as confused as you are but it worked for somebody elses machine I was having the problem with.
Its mega weird.
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Dear Friends,

Today I replaced my headset (Logitech H820E) with a new one of the same
kind. First it worked well. Then I restarted NVDA and the NVDA output
switched to the laptop speakers. The system sounds still output through the
headset, but NVDA does not. All the sound device settings that we could find
are correct. The NVDA setting under preferences for sound output is set to
the headphone as desired. Nevertheless the NVDA output comes through the
laptop speakers and not the headset. I am using Windows 10.

Any suggestions?



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