Re: OCR functions not works when addons is enable

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I think first I'd disable an add on one at a time as clearly it has to be one of them from the symptoms.
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no, it works in my situation correctly.
no difference if add-ons are enabled or disabled.
try to uninstall nvda, removethe map of nvda manually if necessary
then renew the installation of nvda.
and see if the problem is gone.
paul otter

Op 27-11-2018 om 12:07 schreef Robert Mendoza:
Hi, wondering noticed that OCR not working if all the addons is enabled.
I tested to disable all the addons and it works. to read the OCR functions.
I am currently using NVDA version 2018.4beta2
Does anyone noticed this? Thanks.
I list down all the addons that I installed to my NVDA for reference:

Add-on Updater;
Focus Highlight;
TeamTalk Classic Fixes;
Remote Support;
Windows 10 App Essentials;

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