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Raha Tehrani

Hi Erik.
it was me who reported the problem.
I have tried the addon but it didn't work either. you know, NVDA makes
out fine within the design area in VB. but as you press f7 and get
into text editing area. it thoroughly keeps quiet. as you arrow
around, it won't say anything at all. if your start writing, a piece
of code like: "dim op as char" then as you arrow around on what you
have just written, it won't say anything at all. as if it were
completely dumb. you can give it a try if you like.
unfortunately, the addon developped by Mohmad can't solve the problem.
I think the software's source code should be reviewed and redesigned.
take care.

On 11/27/18, erik burggraaf <> wrote:
Does anyone know if the person reporting this issue has tried the visual
studio add-on for nvda?

Development on this add-on has stagnated, but I believe 2010 is supported
and it may do some good.

I don't program in visual basic, but I do use visual studio on a daily
basis, and most of it works very well. I am using visual studio 2017 and
that may make a huge difference. It's not super feasible to support 8 year
old versions of software. I think it's safe to say, jaws is heavily
scripted for visual studio 2010. I think it's also fair to say that
Microsoft in-house concern over accessibility has taken many leaves forward

in the past 8 years. it certainly is not where it completely needs to be
at this point, but I think you might get a lot more mileage out of
upgrading if at all possible.



On November 26, 2018 8:41:24 PM "Quentin Christensen"
<> wrote:


As Adriani noted, there are a couple of issues on GitHub which could be
similar. A couple of questions to follow up:

You said several different versions of NVDA - so this is not a new issue,
it has been present for some time? Did it used to work at one point, or
has it always been a problem?

Does it cause an error or a crash, in either NVDA or Visual Studio, or make
NVDA unresponsive - aside from not being able to read text in Visual
Studio, if you say, alt+tab to another window does NVDA work?

If you could set NVDA's log level to "debug", then repeat the program with
NVDA, and then email me a copy of your NVDA log to, that
would be very helpful please.

There is some info on our log files here:

Kind regards


On Sat, Nov 24, 2018 at 8:14 AM abdul muhamin <>

I’m forwarding this e mail for someone’s

*From: *Raha Tehrani <>
*Sent: *Saturday, November 24, 2018 1:30 AM
*To: *bhp <>
*Subject: *[bhp] NVDA

Dear all.

as you all know, NVDA 2018.4 is on the way. at the moment, the

developers' version is available to check for probable problems.

there's a problem which I have seen with different versions of NVDA.

it won't say anything in Visual Basic in Microsoft visual studio. I

have tried it on Microsoft visual studio 2010. it's fine with the

design area. but it keeps being completely silent while the text

editor area is on the foreground. I have no account on Github. but if

you have one, please let them know about this very significant

problem, so that it can be fixed in the next release. it's kind of

important. because you can't simply edit what you write within the

text-editing environment. as a result, programming gets difficult on

visual basic in microsoft visual studio 2010, using NVDA. please do

tell the NVAccess team about this major problem. note: this is not the

case with JAWS. it's fine with VB in MS Visual Studio 2010. you can

easily move with design and text-editing area with jaws. therefore,

you can easily edit what you've written in the text editor


take care.

Quentin Christensen
Training and Support Manager

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