Re: Is anyone having trouble with the kindel reading app?

Annette Moore

You could always use QRead. I've only used Kindle for PC to actually read a book once or twice, and that was before I purchased QRead. the only thing I do now with Kindle for PC is to open the program so the book can be downloaded or recognized there or whatever it does, then I convert the book with a program called Codex. It's a couple of extra steps, but it works. that's annoying, though, I know, for a program to have worked properly one day, and the next for it to just flop on you. Hope you can find some answers and a resolution.


On 11/27/2018 3:14 PM, Travis Siegel wrote:
Yesterday, the kindle app suddenly became nearly unusable.  It only reads a paragraph or so at a time before going busy when in read all mode, and if I try reading line by line with the arrow keys, the same thing happens, only at random intervals, and although eventually, the app does begin responding again, sometimes, it takes more than a minute to do so.  Absolutely nothing has changed on my machine between the day before yesterday when it worked just fine, and yesterday when it started behaving like this.  I'm guessing kindle did an update (as it tends to do from time to time without telling anyone it's going to do so), and that's the cause of the troubles, but I'd be curious if anyone else is experiencing this problem.  I use kindle unlimited to read a lot of my books, so this is a major show stopper for me.  I can of course use the IOS version of the app, and read the books that way, but sometimes I just want to use the computer for convenience.

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