Re: How to Skip Ahead to Text With NVDA


By default, either insert key is used by NVDA as what is called the NVDA key.  The find command is defined as NVDA key control f.  Insert is the key you are using as the NVDA key.  The first thing we need to know is if the other person is using the insert key and if so, why it may not be working.  Is the person using a wireless keyboard?  That may have to do with the problem.  Also, what happens when the person issues the command insert n.  Does the NVDA menu come up?  If not, then either the insert key isn't working as it should when used with NVDA or the person isn't using the insert key.

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Hello, when using Control Home prior to issuing the command, that worked great for me. However, I have a colleague who uses a laptop keyboard for whom Control Insert F was not working. Is there a different sequence of keys to be used on a laptop keyboard?

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