Re: Is anyone having trouble with the kindel reading app?

Dave <dlh007@...>

I use the Kendal for PC for about a year now, and so far it has worked
well enough to purchase and read about 18 Books.

I have bought two books that can not be read by using NVDA. Instead,
AI need to use a Built in voice to the Kendal, which is not nearly as
good, and re-reading something can be a challenge.

I do find the Kendal program to be very inconsistent, meaning it works
well one session, then the next it works, but I need to fuss with it a
bit to even get back to where I left off from the last time it was used.

I have also taken a Kendal book and reformatted it into a MS Word, or
RTF file. This can't be done with all Kendal Book files, but I have
converted two books of the 18.

Speaking of the odd quirks-

Sometimes I have to pull down the FILE menu, and close the old Book.
And then Tab around till I come to my list of Books avilable. I can
Arrow up or down to find the right book, and pressing Enter will usually
start reading that book at the last point read.

If this Reader can read more than one Book at a time, I have not figured
out how to do this yet.

Grumpy Dave

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