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There is a blind professor of Linguistics at Rice University, in an earlier message on this thread I put a reference to a paper of his about updating the Braille codes for modern phonetic alphabit and there was also a link in that paper with information on how he extended JAWS to support IPA. Sofar as I can tell nobody who has commented on the thread since, has looked at this paper.

Certainly, it is mostly a matter of ensuring proper support of the UNICODE characters related to the IPA and ensuring that the materials you are looking at are encoded in UNICODE rather than an older style of coding. If nothing else, have you attempted to reach out to the professor at Rice?


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If you want my serious recommendation it would be to have a sit-down with your department head, and any other faculty in your program, and ask them their opinion as to a path through a linguistics degree, particularly an advanced one, without phonetic transcription being a big part of it.

I have to believe there is a path through, though I would imagine it would involve a specifically designed undergraduate path as well as a clear idea as to what your graduate focus will be and that it not involve phonetics (transcription directly, not an understanding of, which of course you'll have).

They are in a far better place to give you informed opinion, and the direct assistance with program design that you'll need, than I can.  There's nothing wrong with reasonable accommodations in academic pursuit, particularly if your desired area of specialty does not rely on an area of study that's not essential to it in any meaningful sense.

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