Re: NVDA and Jarte

Rosemarie Chavarria

Hi, Gene,


That's correct. Jarte does announce screen reader mode when you open it.






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I've never heard of the Notepad procedure and, unless something has changed with new versions of JARTE, it will detect the screen-reader.  I seldom use it, but I believe it announces that it is in screen-reader mode when it opens if it detects a screen-reader.



Also, you can't save a Word document in the dox format, but you can open dox files if you have the Microsoft compatibility pack installed.


If you try to open a dox document without the compatibility pack installed, an information page will come up telling you to get the pack and a link to the page for the pack is given.



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I didn't have to do that. I just installed jarte free, then  ran it,and
screen reader  mode was enabled. This was  as of January when I had to
reinstall windows.

On 27 Nov 2018, at 18:51, Andy wrote:

> To invoke screen reader mode in jarte, open Notepad and write the
> words enable screen reader mode, then copy this to the clipboard. 
> Then run jarte and copy this into an open document.  Then close Jarte
> and reopen it, and jarte will be in screen reader mode.  This only
> needs to be done once.
> Andy
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>> I use the Purchased edition of Jarte',  and I don't believe I had to
>> adjust anything inside of Jarte' or NVDA.
>> There may be a Screen Reader mode, but I think it switches itself on
>> after the second running of jarte'.
>> Jarte' is a great small Word Processor.  I only wish we could easily
>> save and Read files in a later MS Word Format.
>> Grumpy Dave

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