i'm new to this list and have a strange issue with NVDA on the windows log on screen

molly the blind tech lover

hey guys, my name is molly and this is my first time posting here. so i apologize if i type in the wrong email address and this message ends up somewhere else.
anyway, i have been using NVDA for 2 years and love it. i seem to be having a strange issue with NVDA not starting at the log on screen even though i've set NVDA to start at the log on screen. on my newly purchased surface laptop, i have NVDA set to start at the log on screen, where i need to enter my pin. i turn on the machine, and i have speech on the log on screen, asking me to sign in. but when i enter my pin, all i hear is it saying * * * the screen doesn't unlock. i also don't hear speech when i swipe around on the touchscreen. this indicates that the log on screen is loading before NVDA is, i end up having to use Narrator to log on. this is strange. do you guys have any ideas as to why this is happening? any suggestions would be most appreciated.

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