Re: i'm new to this list and have a strange issue with NVDA on the windows log on screen

John Isige

You might try waiting a bit. Even on the same machine, sometimes NVDA
starts on login, and I can input my password, and other times it runs
regular NVDA  and the utilities window comes up, where it tells you
about starting Narrator and sticky keys and stuff like that. Then I have
to hit escape a couple of times, once to get to the lock screen and once
to get back to the login screen. This is on a Windows 10 desktop and
laptop, I haven't messed with a Surface or any other Windows tablet for
that matter, so I'm really not sure what would happen if you're using
that as a touch screen and not with a keyboard hooked up to it.

On 11/28/2018 16:16, molly the blind tech lover wrote:

hey guys, my name is molly and this is my first time posting here. so
i apologize if i type in the wrong email address and this message ends
up somewhere else.
anyway, i have been using NVDA for 2 years and love it. i seem to be
having a strange issue with NVDA not starting at the log on screen
even though i've set NVDA to start at the log on screen. on my newly
purchased surface laptop, i have NVDA set to start at the log on
screen, where i need to enter my pin. i turn on the machine, and i
have speech on the log on screen, asking me to sign in. but when i
enter my pin, all i hear is it saying * * * the screen doesn't unlock.
i also don't hear speech when i swipe around on the touchscreen. this
indicates that the log on screen is loading before NVDA is, i end up
having to use Narrator to log on. this is strange. do you guys have
any ideas as to why this is happening? any suggestions would be most

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