Re: verbosity in outlook

Andre Fisher

Try disabling this setting in Document Formatting dialog (NVDA+Control+D):
Report table row/column headers.
Will test it myself now.

On 6/7/16, Chris Mullins <cjmullins29@...> wrote:
Hi Rachel
I don't think it's NVDA's problem, it is just reading the message
attributes. Try amending what attributes are displayed by Outlook. You can
configure what the list shows using the view menu.

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I'm so sorry; I'm speaking about Microsoft outlook.

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Hi all,
Just joined this group so please excuse me if this question has already been
I'm new to using NVDA on a fulltime basis and after reading the manual, I'm
still wondering if there's a way to eliminate having "message read" or
"unread" preceeding the persons name when going through the mail boxes?
Thank you.

Rachel K

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