Re: Windows 10 Mail

Jacob Kruger

If you're interested in rolling back to a version of windows mail - the
version before windows live mail, that's effectively/basically the same
as outlook express, then you can find a sort of zipped package on the
following page:

You'll have to look for the heading called windows mail there, since
there are a few other packages there, including a possible talking,
external boot-up instance of windows 10, but anyway.

And, be warned that it's nothing like just a simple install, and go,
since you have to read the instructions, and make sure you follow the
right steps, and the sort of readme warns you that windows service packs
could possibly mess up the state of the package later on.

But, this is what am currently using uner windows 10 64 bit, and it works just fine with NVDA, etc.

Jacob Kruger
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Dear All,

I am using Windows 10 Mail. There is only one problem. In the reading panel I need to select whatever I want to read, before NVDA will read it to me. When I compose a message, it reads after each word I type, but then I have to select it if I want to go back and read again what I have written. Any suggestions?


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