A query I meant to post earlier about windows messages

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In Windows 7, sometimes in the tray icons is one saying you have one message, basically some kind of problem report. I seldom seem to notice it till then, so one might be forgiven for thinking that invoking the context menu and selecting the open for the centre might just give a clue to what it is.
However normally this opens a screen with things like troubleshooting, security, maintenance etc, and seems to have no obvious way to simply view that message.
Am I missing something obvious?
So if there is a quick way to just get to that message wherever it is and read it it would be great. It normally tends to be something like Backup issues or some odd crash of explorer or some such, but one can never find the actual text until you accidentally resolve it by guesswork and then you can see it in the old archive. Its a bit pointless then!


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