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Also thank you for that message

On 29 Nov 2018, at 3:10 pm, Tyler Wood <> wrote:

Hi Dave,

I don't know you by any means, but boy, you would make such a fantastic role model to many. Getting out there and getting stuff done despite the jibes you took from others. Now that's courage. And look where you are now.

Thank you for that incredible story. Not a bit of sarcasm meant here - that was truly inspiring.

Making yourself more productive for a company, even if it is of slight cost to you starting out, is such a worthwhile investment. Waiting for government or the company to buy you something is a ticking time bomb that usually ends in nothing happening and by the time it does, oh sorry, this is no longer supported anyway.

On 2018-11-29 1:04 a.m., Dave wrote:
Hi Steve,

If you can afford it, and it won't start World war 9 their in your Home,
I would buy what you need to do the job.

Even if you don't stay with this job, you will have the same equipment
for another, and you will have come up to speed with it too.

Of course, I give this Council only if you can afford it, and it isn't
going to be resented either by you, or your wife later.

Look at it as an investment, and if you choose to use the new I-Pad, you
will learn something, and you can use that knowledge on the next job.

Waiting for the Company to get you something, or worse, the State
Government, you might get something before you are 75 years old, and
then again, maybe not.

I accidentally learned a lesson while working at this Pathetic Sweat

The Company provided our tools and our Safety Glasses. The tools were
old, worn out, and caused us to be slower in the long run.

I was with a buddy, at a Tool Store. He happened to see the same tool as
we used on the Job. The exact same thing. I asked him how much it was
and it was $10. And it came with some attachments I did not know

So, I bought it.

Took it to work, and having that new tool, made such a difference in my
quality of work. I was thrilled! So much so, that I spent another $50
to $70 on buying all new tools for my job, plus a new pair of Safety

My word, you should have heard the other guys giving me grief for buying
all new tools. They thought I was the Biggest fool on Earth. And boy
did they let me know about it. They told me I was a Fool, and that they
would never buy tools the Company should provide.

I didn't care. I like new tools, and I didn't mind buying new tools for
myself. And it was such a difference to work with good tools over the
old worn out ones. A Night and Day experience.

And what really showed me I had done the right thing for myself, was
that my quality of work rose, and the energy spent doing the better work
was less. I was no longer fighting my old tools, and even my new Safety
Glasses fit and did not dig into my nose or ears.

I used those tools for another year and a half, until I moved on to my
Software Job. Where the tools became a Lot more expensive, but here
again, I found it was worth it to buy the right equipment to give me the
best chance of doing the best job possible. Let's not forget, I was the
Blind guy, working with all those Sighted folks, and my work had to be
at least as good as theirs if not better.

I don't have a lot of personal Vices. I don't Smoke, or Drink. I like
to Eat, but at the end of the Month, I always had extra to put into the

So, if three years down the road, I found I needed to replace a Computer,
I could, and I could buy which ever computer I wanted. So if I wanted a
Race Horse with tons of Memory, I could, and sometimes did.

And yes, this too was resented by some, but I didn't let it bother me.

It is funny, some will put hours and hours into complaining about a poor
selection of tools. And yet, they won't go and buy their own.

Not saying they should, or be forced to by their own tools, but if your
not happy with the gear you've been assigned, then the alternative is to
zip your lip and do the best you can, or unzip your own wallet, and be
able to get some good quality work done.

As it turned out, I ended up with purchasing a total of four or five
Computers to do the jobs I was asked to do. I had one system dedicated
as my Secretary only. If I had to jot down a note, or zip an Email to
someone, or go On Line to find some info, this was my Secretary Machine.
And it was Fast, as were all the others.

Par of my job was to Test the newest version of the Companies Software.
This testing needed to be done with all the various Microsoft Operating
Systems found in our Customer base at the time.

One of my Systems was one that I could shut it down, remove this Drawer,
which held the HD, grab another Drawer with a different HD, and a
Different Operating System, shove it in the System, and fire it up.
When it came up, I was running a different OS, and all my Screen Reader
Software was already installed on all of the extra Drives.

It was Great. And I had made myself Valuable to the Company. If they
needed a test done, I would get the call. Hey Dave, could you run
version 4.3 in Windows 8.1, and tell us if we have fixed the problem
they were trying to fix?

And when I had those times I needed a bit of extra sighted help, guess
what, those guys in my work group were cheerfully willing to give me a

I made sure to not abuse their willingness to help. And I made sure I
did not get all Puffed Up about my Computers being able to run circles
around my co-workers gear.

When I could, I would let the other guys use my stuff when I was at
lunch, or sometimes even when it was during work time.

I won't say I bought my way into that Company, but I was one of the very
last ones to get the Ax, when it came time for Cuts. And I was one of
the first to get called back when they could put me back on.

If you buy the I-Pad, make the best of it. Learn it well.

the better you know something, the better it is for you and your
co-workers. Don't be surprised if they start calling you when they have
their own How To do soemthing questions.

<Slight laugh> Well, there's my $1.50 worth

Grumpy Dave

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