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Matthew Horspool

Hi Narayan,

Just to add to what Joseph has already said, there are basically two elements to getting NVDA in a new language:

1.      NVDA itself: for example, its menus, dialog boxes, error messages and so on. These all need to be translated into Sanskrit.

2.     NVDA's voice, or accent if you prefer: this is called a speech synthesizer. The speech synthesizer that ships with NVDA is called ESpeak and can speak many different languages, but it may not be able to speak Sanskrit. Therefore, although you might find all the error messages are correctly written in the Sanskrit language, ESpeak will try and speak them in an English accent, which could cause all sorts of pronunciation problems. This is for the ESpeak team to solve, not NVDA. However, in the meantime, an alternative speech synthesizer that does speak Sanskrit could be researched and a driver created for it.

One more point – could you please confirm whether Sanskrit is written left-to-right or right-to-left? English is written left-to-right. I don't know how well NVDA copes with right-to-left languages and it may be a more complicated matter than simply re-writing all the messages. Someone who has extensive knowledge of both right-to-left languages and technology would be better placed to deal with this particular issue more thoroughly.

Best wishes,



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Hi friends, I want to tell something about sanskrit language in this group. sanskrit is very popular and ancient language. it has very good pronouncing rules. its grammar is also very good and systematic in the old. my question is, how can i recommend to nvda developer team to add sanskrit language to NVDA screen reader? can anyone help me to achieve this job? any help would be gladly appreciated. thank you.







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