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Well you can turn this off but it will turn itself back on quickclean to.

There is another update which includes updates settings that people should check right now they are all on and there is no new modified ini file or a reason to update the current one.

It also states for home use.

To be fair, and this is the reason I still use it, bar the interface, and the addvertisments and the like, its only ever done that for itself, no spyware as far as I know bar google and google is everywhere, and avast, which sucks but they are owned by them so I guess they have to.

Take all that out of the way, they could have restricted the program a lot more than they can.

The only thing you don't have is full background automatic control, and you used to have update but aparently the program will automatically update itself to for home users, it also states for home users only which is a bit of a mouthfull but at least its being clear about it now.

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Well for example Ccleaner portable seems to be able to put up a pane randomly now advertising itself as on special offer. Looking at the .ini file you need to stop any vestiges of it running at start up. You only need to have run it once and it will insert itself silently, but as I say it can be disabled.
I do not blame companies for doing this but the problem for us is often that the splash screens are apparently blank being mainly pictures.
Its by no means the only bit of software I've found like this.

I'm still wondering though what your original issue was with apparently missing files or the display of them on his machine.
I notice that superantispyware the free version is now able to spot things inserting themselves as 'invisible' start up items, and stop them from doing it. Its a lot easier than using autoruns to look for strings in the start up registry entries.
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That's more evidence supporting the possibility of adware.  I don't know if ad blockers block ads from adware but I think you should investigate further.  Other list members will likely discuss other programs to run to see if you have adware.  I haven't used enough to discuss the subject much.

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Thank you Brian.

I now have it installed, I think, and time will tell if it is and it works. I get ads when I click on a link in an email message. So I’ll have to wait for one to test it.

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Get an ad blocker extension.  My preferred one is uBlock Origin.

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