Re: Another problem.

Tyler Wood

I have never seen a popup since I started using chrome paired with UBlock origin.

Anyone who thinks their data is 100% safe is deceiving themselves. You can try to make it so, but things get out eventually. I'd rather use google over facebook any day, though.

Mozilla used to be really nice. Now I have no idea what they've went and done but my experience is rarely good.

On 2018-11-29 11:37 a.m., Shaun Everiss wrote:
Yeah, the only thing I accept is google and thats mainly because most of it is free.

They do charge for their devices, some services for home and business like translation and business mail and their platform, and their wifi networking stuff but thats that.

Again they could be fore annoying than they are but its all free at least most of it is.

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One common add in that has become a pest is the ask toolbar, as it is a kind of go between, IE everything you do is sent to them and adverts inserted back to you. Like many originally useful ideas, its become so associated with rubbish adverts that its virtually useless. Indeed sometimes it is installed without asking and has no removal system other than using an anti malware program.
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You said once before that that is the only browser that happens in.  What home page are you using?  Do you have Chrome to only show the home page or to show other pages?

Also, you didn't say whether you see popups on other sites that you don't see when using other browsers.  I suspect Chrome has some sort of adware.

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I'm running Malware Bytes and I am not signed into Google.

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Max K 4 O D S.

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Are you signed into Chrome?  I don't know if that makes a difference.  I'm not signed in to Chrome with the Chrome browser and I get no ads.  Also, I'm suspicious that that is adware. Are you running any sort of antimalware programs?


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Subject: [nvda] Another problem.

Switching to Google chrome solved my problem with the help file but I am
now getting pop up ads whenever chrome opens.  Is there any way to turn
them off?

73 (Regards).

Max.  K 4 O DS.

I've Never Lost the Wonder.


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