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Well in my case I follow it, open things up but nothing is actually wrong, I sign in and check and its fine.

Of course, if my microsoft account doesn't work its not like I really care, microsoft accounts have only 2 uses now and apart from os upgrades and apps, there is onedrive which I just don't even use, and a few extras which I don't use I don't signin at login, and I don't really care.

On 11/30/2018 9:58 AM, Lino Morales wrote:
Well Maxy do as it says. Maybe a setting got messed up somewhere. I get this sometimes and I do fix it. I’m assuming you are using the Mail app?

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Along that line I am getting a message every few days telling me that Microsoft needs to fix my email. My email is working fine. I guess they never heard the expression, if it aint broke don't fix it. What am I saying? Microsoft is well known for fixing things that aint broke.

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hitting enter on that can help to open it however I don't always trust windowsaction/ notiffication centre.

For example, during a clock sync the power dropped off and the router died.

I got it back every thing was out of sync, windows was alegal, everything wouldn't open and everything was screaming at me.

It was waterfox that alerted me to the fact everything was backwards and pointed me at my clock, which I changed.

Then everything worked.

But the messages stayed, and I had to tell action centre to ignore them till they died.

On a similar note, notifications can report a problem, but in a criptic way and after I have found and solved it.

I was upgrading one of my security/ backup programs.

And immediately I got a notification that I was unsafe, recomending a full reset and reformat.

I was aware the thing was broken, and continued updating.

After this, I had to clear things.

I have had it say for example that I am using pirated windows, and my accounts are not signing in and that a whole host of things are screwed and that I should reset or something.

Yet when I have logged into where I need to go to check, not only are they not showing no problems but checking on the server side shows that they never existed.

Or existed for such a little time it didn't matter.

The only time that its ever really worked was when I was updating a business server for my uncle and the system kept crashing, at that time, windows put up the usual video card issue with the drivers crashing out.

A small note put that it was a bug with the driver, and to open a website for instructions, where I found the manufacturer had added to the action note that I needed a new driver and got a direct link to it.

But that was before things got weird.

Now, I do glance at notifications centre just like I would glance at the paper, but 99.9% of the time I just clear them, in most cases its fixed, not a problem or if it is, I can handle it without any issue.

On 11/29/2018 10:56 PM, Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io wrote:
In Windows 7, sometimes in the tray icons is one saying you have one
message, basically some kind of problem report. I seldom seem to
notice it till then, so one might be forgiven for thinking that
invoking the context menu and selecting the open for the centre might
just give a clue to what it is.
However normally this opens a screen with things like troubleshooting,
security, maintenance etc, and seems to have no obvious way to simply
view that message.
Am I missing something obvious?
So if there is a quick way to just get to that message wherever it is
and read it it would be great. It normally tends to be something like
Backup issues or some odd crash of explorer or some such, but one can
never find the actual text until you accidentally resolve it by
guesswork and then you can see it in the old archive. Its a bit
pointless then!


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