Re: espeak n g no good it sneezes on some words

Jacob Kruger

Examples of terms/phrases?

I am currently using eSpeak NG, using gene variant, and set to just english, and haven't come across anything like that, but, would like to try it out.

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Subject: [nvda] espeak n g no good it sneezes on some words

as the s line says espeak n g makes a buzzing or sneezing sound along with some words.
along with the funny noises the voice flutters
This is default espeakng max voice set to en...
windows 7 x64 pro clean install
nvda installed using default settings except for speed set to 100 percent
Can I replace the espeak n g with the older one by copying the old one over the new one in the program files x86 \ nvda folder?
Thanks for any help!

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