Re: I can't select radio buttons on a webpage using NVDA

Dan Beaver


I am running Chrome as my browser. 

Yes, I am talking about those items at the top.  If you click on those they open to additional lists of items that can be clicked on.  Most of them are no longer are identified by NVDA as links.


On 11/29/2018 8:23 PM, Gene wrote:
I can't run recent versions of NVDA so I can't compare how the page works when I look at it to your experience.  It may help, however if you tell us what browser you are using and give an example of something that used to be a link.  I want to make sure you aren't talking about the three or four clickable items at the top of the page for changing part of the page for the subject you are interested in.
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I have a very similar problem on the site:

There are 2 lists of items at the top of the page.  NVDA doesn't even announce them as links or buttons as it used to do.  I suspect this is due to some changes to the site but it seems it should still work since other links on the same page work just fine.

This has started over the past few releases of NVDA and has been getting worse.  I just noticed how bad it has gotten today.

Any improvements in this would be very greatly appreciated.

Dan Beaver

On 11/29/2018 6:29 PM, Sile via Groups.Io wrote:

Just wondering if anyone has run into this problem with NVDA.  I am trying to select radio buttons that are within a table (basically ranking students on a scale from 1-5 on several criteria, with each criterion being one row of radio buttons.)

It doesn't matter whether I use firefox or chrome, the radio buttons don't seem to change state whether I hit spacebar or return, or whether I am in edit mode or not.

Anyone got any ideas?


Dan Beaver (KC4DOY)
Dan Beaver (KC4DOY)

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