sharing something fun about NVDA, e-speak and their multi-language capability

Laurie Mehta

I am just sharing something fun that I've noticed with NVDA and e-speak-- and their multi-language capability.

Recently, one of our children asked us to share a list of some name possibilities that they might choose from for their new baby, expected to be born soon. They gave us certain criteria and asked for names that are Sanskrit-based or Hindi-language along with the English meaning of these names. We provided them a list of names spelled out in English and spelled out in the DevNagri script used for Hindi.
The fun aspect is this:
NVDA, which I have set to use an English voice but also set to use default for any page on my laptop, reads the English spellings of the names as many Indians have experienced English-speakers pronouncing their names. (grin)
But, as NVDA encounters the DevNagri script spellings of the names, it pronounces these names perfectly!

So, for sighted family who are not Hindi-speakers, NVDA has proven to be a helpful aid for them in learning the correct pronunciation of names that they want to learn how to pronounce.
This was fun to discover.

VoiceOver on my iPhone also makes the language switch beautifully, but for me using Windows environment only NVDA with simple e-speak can compare.

Thanks everyone for your great work!

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