NVDA-2016.2 Slows Down with Firefox


System: Windows 7, NVDA 2016.2, Firefox, any version.
This has always been an ongoing problem, but it seems to be more prevalent now.
If you have a number of tabs open in Firefox, NVDA will begin to slow down appreciably in the program. Responses to key presses are delayed and using the browser becomes problematic and inefficient. The only solution is to restart firefox.
In previous versions of NVDA, this decrease in responsivness took a while to manifest--sometimes I could work for a whole day and NVDA would not slow down until the next.
However, now it barely takes six to ten hours for this slowness to occur. The only way to reproduce this step is to to work in Firefox for a while, with a number of tabs open.
I do not know if this same slowness occurs in Internet Explorer, Chrome or Edge.
I would like to know if others have experienced this decrease in performance, and what--if any--solutions are available to counteract this problem.

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