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Who knows they had issues before that, for me they were fine till about 3.2.

I really used to like ccleaner for what it is.

The only reason I don't replace it is that the feature set is good and the interface mostly works.

In fact for those that don't mind a bit of extra work even with the portable I would still recomend it as a good contender.

Sadly, without my ini file or a bit of sighted help to set the interface its pritty much useless.

Even if you take the interface out, I can't trust the installer, access wize, interface excluded if they can get some settings screens working, heck excluding things if I make changes to the ini file I expect something I make to stay and thats it really.

For my users though I don't want them to run my stuff I have had people get into all sort of reformatting trouble after doodling round with my stuff, my tools I trust them but I can use them.

CCleaner was good once it still is if you know what you are doing, but if you don't then it may or may not have the clout in my view it once did.

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My suspicion is that they have a team of programmers now they are part of Avast and its a general cock up situation as they could not design their way out of a paper bag.
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Hi all.

For those that subscribe via email to cleaner news they have a servey with the latest version update and I strongly recomend you take it.

I have completed it with the issues of. 1. accessibility to all features, quickclean, and interface issues.

and 2. the fact that some settings can not be got to and that some settings if changed are not honored at all and reverted like quickclean stuff.

Why they choose to do this now is beyond me but they are doing it so.


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