Kindle problem solved

Travis Siegel <tsiegel@...>

Last night I went through the list of programs in task manager, and one of the programs that was running was one jhook, apparently, a remnant left over from when I tried to run jaws demo to find out why NVDA wasn't working earlier this week.  Turns out that after AI removed this program from the currently running tasks, my kindle reader went back to behaving normally.  I haven't a clue why it was still running, since jaws hadn't even run, and any possible executables were shutdown days ago, but for some reason, this jhook remained in memory and was causing problems with kindle reader, which is odd, because it didn't seem to affect anything else <shrug>.  Anyway, my kindle is back to normal, and I'm very happy about that, because it was a pain having to read my books only with the Iphone, sometimes that's fine, but not all the time.

Just thought I'd post here, in case anyone else runs into the problem and is looking for a fix.  The solution is to look through your task manager, and remove any programs that aren't being used, it's an extremely useful thing to do.  Of course, be sure what you're removing, you wouldn't want to stop a vital process from running, that could cause no end of difficulties. *grin*

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