Re: I can't select radio buttons on a webpage using NVDA

Jonathan COHN

Well, there are native radio buttons and pseudo radio buttons. If the Web page creator decided to not use the native HTML radio buttons, then they should be adding keyboard handlers and need to add an ARIA attribute to show which button is clicked. Also, most likely these buttons as you describe them will not work on mobile devices.

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Subject: [nvda] I can't select radio buttons on a webpage using NVDA
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Just wondering if anyone has run into this problem with NVDA.  I am trying to select radio buttons that are within a table (basically ranking students on a scale from 1-5 on several criteria, with each criterion being one row of radio buttons.)

It doesn't matter whether I use firefox or chrome, the radio buttons don't seem to change state whether I hit spacebar or return, or whether I am in edit mode or not.

Anyone got any ideas?


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