Re: I can't select radio buttons on a webpage using NVDA


Thats a bit tricky - it was a request for a letter of reference for a particular student that is generated by the system just for me :) all those horrible radio buttons, just for me :)

I might be able to get the graduate admissions people to generate a test application though,


On 11/30/2018 2:33 PM, Gene wrote:
Can you give us the address of the page so people can try it?

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Yes, I tried this ... no luck ...


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Switch out of focus to browse mode first and then fiddle around with
them. NVDA is notorious at not updating the states of radio buttons in
a table on a web page. I['m pretty sure there was a debate if this was
poor page authoring or not about 2 years ago?
I encountered this recently on a health log in account creation site
as well. I could not se my gender. It looked like I was both male and
female. A medical miracle but on refreshing the page they seemed to
be changed but nvda did not say they had or got them both as on.

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Subject: [nvda] I can't select radio buttons on a webpage using NVDA


Just wondering if anyone has run into this problem with NVDA. I am
trying to select radio buttons that are within a table (basically
ranking students on a scale from 1-5 on several criteria, with each
criterion being one row of radio buttons.)

It doesn't matter whether I use firefox or chrome, the radio buttons
don't seem to change state whether I hit spacebar or return, or
whether I am in edit mode or not.

Anyone got any ideas?


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