NVDA not working with links, Again

Hareth <hareth4m@...>

the last 3 versions of NVDA that I remember, currently with the latest
2018.4 beta2
With chrome browser 64bit on windows10 up to date

NVDA not activating the Start voice call" link on facebook messenger webpage.


pressing: enter, shift+enter, spacebar,
insert+numpad 5 then left click, ensert+f7 select link, then tab to
activate also no good
objPad all curcer modes also not working with it.
Application key doesnt work with it just like it's not been selected,
nor the shift+f10.

BTW its working fine with FS jaws18 2018 2019, with the enter and the
spacebar, and the applications and shift+f10 keys.
There are more webpage links I've found not working with NVDA, while
internet browsing, didn't save them. I'd try to list and report them
next time.


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