Re: books about NVDA on the access technology institute website.

Brian K. Lingard

Dear Sue & List:

Books with a purchase price or license price are almost always copyrighted. Sharing a copy with another person involves copying the book, which you are not allowed to do without paying the publisher another purchase fee.

If you are in the USA, you can often obtain a free Bookshare account from your participating regional library or if you are in full-time education.

Bookshare has many titles, including ones from philanthropically-minded publishers.

Yes, the version of NVDDA being discussed is very important as it has had changes since the release of Windows 10.

If this information is not included in the book description on the publisher or seller's web site, you need to make enquiries BEFORE purchasing the books.
Brian K. Lingard

From: <> On Behalf of Sue J. Ward
Sent: November 26, 2018 16:52
Subject: [nvda] books about NVDA on the access technology institute website.

Hello. I would like to buy the two books about NVDA but they are kind of pricey maybe email them to me if you can on the or it is called access technology institute website. One is about the NVDA screen reader which goes for 95 dollars that mainly talks about the entire screen reader guess from what I have read it walks you through everything the only thing I don't know when it was written. Does any one has a copy that could email it to me for free? The other one is about windows 10 using nvda it sounds like it is a good book to get it talks about the entire system but what I don't get is when you first get a new computer that has windows 10 it does not have word installed and, in the book,, it mentions and walks you through windows 10 and one of the lessons is managing and saving documents mentions word plus there are several lessons about Microsoft word. It is good but I just want a book mainly about windows 10 minus the stuff about word. The book does cost around
150 dollars it sounds like a good resource was wondering has anyone bought the books from the website and how good are they? I would also like a copy of the book as well if anyone has that could they email that to me? The books are an immersion in to NVDA

The other one is an immersion in to windows 10 with NVDA. Thank you.
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