Re: Anyone having problems with yesterdays Alpha Snap?

Kevin Cussick

Hi, no with ff as well but on the same make and model of the lenovo the snap works same make model and OS. The only thing I can think of on the machine that the snap works well with I don't get all the garbage when I go into settings I mean like windows update, I am sure this is the problem. but don't want to reinstall windows from scratch again. the last alpha before Fridays one did not behave like this.

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Is this only in Thunderbird. as I am using it   now in windows 7 on a microsoft email client and have tried it in Firefox and various parts of Windows with  noo apparent difference to any other version of nvda.
I'm using it as a portable version here.
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Hi all,   I downloaded yesterdays Alpha snapshot,   but I get some error about some hook problem I am sorry I clicked Ok and nvda didn't read anything in thunderbird it could read the subject but when you opened any mail it seemed blank.   I uninstalled it and went back to the latest beta think it is beta4 now I am sorry I should have tried to get the log to someone but it was behaving so badly and it was quite late,   I just wonder if anyone else has had any trouble with yesterdays snap. I am using a lenovo all in one and windows10 home 64 bit.

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