Canada's Literature For the Blind Post Free Concession

Brian K. Lingard

Dear Tyler & List:
Trimmed several previous messages discussing stats on Braille display usage & government subsidies available for Braille displays.

The reason CNIB charges the maximum the Ontario ADP program will pay is simple, to effect maximum funds transfer to CNIB when ADP purchases goods, CNIB is an authorized Ontario ADP dealer, The Howe Press of Perkins School is not and is in a foreign country.
CNIB also loves veterans of Canada's Forces, as Veterans Affairs Canada never looks for a lower price for goods & services for veterans, accepting CNIB's prices. Not sure if other suppliers to Ontario ADP or Veterans Affairs Canada use a similar pricing model. If you wish to know what CNIB uses the profit on their sales of goods & services for, become a voting member of CNIB. Membership is available to anyone, client sighted alike. Membership is $5/year, lifetime is $100 or $150,you get a vote at the AGM of members, can stand for office, as well as have a vote at your Division and District AGM. Should you be voted onto their Finance or Audit Committees, I expect they will provide all manner of interesting facts & figures, just do not ask to see the spreadsheets providing the breakdown of salaries & wages by employee or expect to receive meaningful replies to questions as to whether the organization pays full commission, receives a preferential rate or deals with a Discount broker, such as TD Direct Trading or similar firms connected with most of our Chartered Banks. It appears many firms treat CNIB as a Piggy bank, charging for goods & services not actually provided, as one of Canada's leading hotel chains told a guest who was having their bill charged to CNIB, the hotel guest questioned one or more items billed to their room which they had not ordered, nor the hotel provided. You would know the hotel chain well, it runs many four and five diamond houses in Canada as well as in other countries. Therefore, if their broker for stock and bond transactions chooses to bill CNIB his full retail commission on transactions that would qualify for the Institutional commission, a fraction of retail, the CNIB National Board of Directors, will likely not question whether they could obtain just as good investment counsel and service on transactions at the same firm or elsewhere. This is partly due to the board members having no or limited business savvy, or perhaps other reasons, best not discussed on a public forum.
You are best to refer to the section Literature for the Blind in the Canada Postal Guide for the exact provisions of the concession, available from Public Works & Government Services Canada, Ottawa, Ont or Reneuf Publishing, a major dealer.
Or, telephone Canada Post Customer Service on their convenient toll-free number.

In general, the concession covers recorded or Braille letters, even Moon type would qualify, intended to be read by blind persons.
Includes Braille paper, writing equipment, parts for a Braille printing press, and related stuff. Not sure if it specifically mentions goods such as Braille or talking clocks, watches or a life-size replica of a clock high in its tower, in Westminster, London, with its largest bell known as Big Ben. A full-size replica of this clock would not meet the Canada Post 30 lb. weight limit on Literature for the blind. There are clockmakers in Toronto, and Ottawa willing to install and maintain your chiming tower clock with the Westminster Chime. They require a tower to install it in as well as help from a Hoisting Engineer with a crane of sufficient capacity.
Not sure about the clockmaker, however, the Bell Foundry which made the bells sharing Big Ben's belfry is still in business in the White chapel district of London. They can probably recommend a suitable clockmaker.

The concession offers similar benefits for qualifying mail addressed for delivery to the USA as well as other foreign lands. Mot sure if it gets a plane ride or goes by surface. It travels by airmail if this will expedite delivery within Canada. Believe foreign airmail service is available at Small Packet postage rate.

As this discussion is unrelated to NVDA, I recommend further discussion be taken to acb-chat@... or directly with me.
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Brian K. Lingard

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Subject: Re: [nvda] A random question, related to screen readers in general

Hi Brian,

I'm sorry - I'm just making sure I'm reading your message correctly.

Am I able to take advantage of free matter for the blind in Canada? Can I use this for sending things out of Canada or only receiving them and what specific items are included in that?

thank you so much for this information. CNIB does love to charge amazingly high prices for just about everything - and yet their services in pertinent areas, like mobility etc., suffers.
On 2018-12-01 2:07 a.m., Brian K. Lingard wrote:
Dear Erik & List:

If you quoted the CNIB price for a Perkins Classic Brailler, you may
find the price they are sold by Howe Press, Perkins School for The
Blind, Watertown, MA USA is significantly cheaper even after
converting their price in US funds to Canadian Dollars. Seems the
fewer hands these units pass through, the cheaper the price. Howe
Press is the makers. They offer excellent delivery by Free Matter for
The Blind from Watertown. I habitually buy all accessories for my
Brailler from them as they always have the items in stock.
At one point, CNIB was selling Perkins Braillers for $1,200/each, the
sum Ontario Assistive Devices Program would pay for them, while Howe
Press sold them for $US800. Even after conversion to Canadian Dollars,
I saved money, CNIB was as usual at the time, out of stock, did not
stock any accessories such as the wooden case, Sound Pad Etc. Howe
did, I had the unit in hand within about a week. It is interesting how
CNIB prices goods at the Maximum Ontario ADP will pay. While CNIB has
no shareholders to distribute profits to, it does not prevent them
reaping handsome profits. You can purchase Braille paper from APH,
Louisville, KY at a handsome savings over CNIB prices. Uncertain as to
why, CNIB pays postage on orders sent by mail, despite the Literature
for The Blind Post-Free concession covering everything imaginable for
the Blind, including Braille Press parts, paper Braillers Etc. with
Insurance and/or Registration at no fee. The concession is available
to any address in Canada, including addresses with fly-in only mail delivery, for points in the High Arctic.
Similar concessions apply to Foreign addresses, with the restriction
that only documents, not merchandise,, may be sent registered. Allow
1-2 weeks for delivery from APH by Free Matter.

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