Re: Introducing TextNav add-on - a better way to browse Internet

Gerardo Corripio

What’s the difference between using this add-on, versus NVDA+Contrl+f to find somehting?

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El 2 dic 2018, a la(s) 6:25 p. m., Tony Malykh <> escribió:

Hello NVDA users

Today I am introducing TextNav add-on for NVDA - a better way to browse Internet for the blind!

Have you ever felt that browsing new pages is frustrating when you couldn't find the content on the page? Try TextNav - it will find the right content for you in a single keystroke! TextNav is easy to use. Listen to a quick demo (7minutes long audio):

Here is the link to download TextNav:

TextNav on github:

TextNav keystrokes:
* Alt+Shift+Down: Find next paragraph with text.
* Alt+Shift+Up: Find previous paragraph with text.

I hope you enjoy it! Any suggestions are welcome!

Tony Malykh

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