Re: Game virus, was, A couple of small annoyances.

Brian K. Lingard

Dear Max & NVDA List:

Trimmed 5,000 bytes of superfluous messages plus redundant list trailer
lines, as we are no longer discussing how to select default programs in
Windows 10.
To disable the hot key for the Game Barr, from anywhere on the PC, press
Windows Key plus "I" for the Master Settings Menu. Enter Game Bar in the
search box and press enter. Windows responds with Control how Game Bar opens
& recognizes your game
Press enter.
Press the tab key twice, landing on the line
Record game clips, screen shots & broadcast with game button.
Press space bar to disable if enabled.
Now press alt plus F4.
Mission Accomplished!
If you run Windows 7 or 8.1 the evil Game Bar is not enabled by default!

Now you may typewrite with impunity!
Brian K. Lingard

From: <> On Behalf Of MAX
Sent: December 1, 2018 11:22
Subject: Re: [nvda] Game virus, was, A couple of small annoyances.

Brian wrote.

Noticed my "g" key was not inserting this letter. Found that somehow my Game
Bar settings had been set to use this key as a hot key to start/stop the
gaming features.

Brian. I had the same trouble with outlook and I clicked on something and
got my G key back but ever since then when I open and close outlook there is
a message on the screen that says press control G to ... I have forgotten
the rest. This started right after I read a message sent from someone's I
phone. I call it my game virus although it doesn't seem to be a harmful
virus. I am defining a virus the same way gardeners define a weed. A weed
is any plant that is growing where it isn't wanted. To me a virus is any
program that runs where and when it isn't wanted. If you ever figure out
how to get rid of it pleas share the information with me.

73 (Regards).
Max K 4 O D S.
I've Never Lost the Wonder.
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