Re: good program to convert apple music to MP3 with NVDA

Armando Maldonado

I will try your suggestions, thanks.

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You can convert it to mp3 with itunes track by track on pc.

But unless you are moving it to a non apple device you can play m4v and m4a files on winamp and if you can't is good for you.

If you are needing to move it to a smartphone, then that may be the reason to do it, though a lot of those especially samsung ones will support the apple standard.

If you plan to doodle with the files, edit them, etc then maybe but there is probably no need to even bother, I have a lot of m4a files here, and winamp will run them fine.

So will windows media player and vlc.

You do need to load the klite mega codec pack for those to work properly but if all you are doing is playing them you probably don't need to bother.

On 12/4/2018 7:09 AM, Armando Maldonado wrote:
Hello, I know on a mac, I can convert apple music to mp3. Is there a good program that will enable me to convert Apple Music to Mp3 similar to what one can purchase for the mac? Thanks.

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