Re: Introducing TextNav add-on - a better way to browse Internet

David Goldfield

Regarding some of what I consider to be negative and silly feedback regarding the Textnav addon I have the following comments.

We have all heard of programs which allow the user to tweek or modify settings within the operating system which aren't readily available through standard options such as the control panel. If I decided to install and use such a program would a power user say that I could use the registry to perform the same functions and that using a Windows tweeker isn't good because I'm avoiding using the registry? Of course not. Should I not use the start menu or the desktop to open a program because I'm not learning how to enter the program's full path into the run dialog box? I see nothing wrong with an app or an add-on which just wants to add a few shortcuts to make the lives of users easier. I also seriously doubt that most users will wind up using Textnav and not learning about how to navigate Web pages using other built-in shortcuts. Technically, these quick navigation commands are shortcuts also, designed to quickly navigate to content on a Web page. I'm also fine with people who wish to use programs such as Guide or, in the case of JAWS, Leasey. These programs provide a systematic, structured approach to access apps and functions which is totally menu-driven. Does that mean that some of those users might not learn all of the nuances of the start menu or other applications? Possibly. And does that really matter? For the most part, I would say that it doesn't. As someone who has been providing training and support for over 25 years you do want to teach users the commands which will be most intuitive which will enable them to perform the tasks they need to perform. For some users, if Guide is the answer for them then so be it. If a user wants to use specialized or mainstream add-ons which might make reading easier then let them. If you think about it most of us do the same thing, with some task that we perform on the computer. I personally don't interact much with the tiled interface of the Windows 10 start menu. I access most of the applications that I need from the menu we normally see when we first open the start menu. That's my way of doing things. Are there certain commands or methods of doing things that I might not know about or be as familiar with with the modern tiles? Perhaps. Does it matter? Honestly, do most of you really care about that? Probably not. Of course, if I were providing training on the start menu I would want to show the users that portion of the menu and how to navigate it, how to pin and unpin items to it, etc. I would engage in a lot of preparation to ensure that I have that knowledge to share with a student. But many students will just as soon not deal with that section of the start menu and will just interact with the menu itself. Many users will just want to enter the first few letters of the program they are looking for in the start menu search edit box. Ultimately, if that works well for them and if they can do what they need to do quickly and efficiently then I'm happy and so is the student. As a trainer I should know how to perform all of these tasks but, as a user, I can perform my tasks any way I like. As a user, not as a trainer, I have the right to use any shortcut or alternate method that I wish to use, as long as it's efficient for me. I commend the developer of this app for writing an add-on which could make many people's lives just a little bit easier. If someone feels that it doesn't fit in with their workflow then nobody is forcing you to use it.

David Goldfield, Assistive Technology Specialist WWW.David-Goldfield.Com

On 12/3/2018 6:31 PM, hurrikennyandopo ... wrote:


I am also running windows 10 version 1809 with the latest google chrome browser and nvda 2018.4 beta 2 and am having no problems with it works like it should.

Gene nz

On 4/12/2018 11:12 AM, Don H wrote:
After installing this addon on my Win 10 1809 system and using Google Chrome I enter into a state where NVDA starts reading everything on the page and nothing will stop it.  I can not even use alt f4 to close the web site.

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