Re: NVDA reading incorrect content when focus is on the Main frame of the page


I didn't answer until now because I don't have new versions of browsers or NVDA.  I can't run the new NVDA. 
What I will describe may not reflect what you see. If I shift tab to the address bar, and then tab once, I hear a lot of extraneous material and at the end, the word help announced as a link.  I have to either let everything read to finally hear "help" or I have to use the read current line command to interrupt the extraneous material and hear "help" spoken.  This is when using Chrome and an old version of NVDA.  Is part of the problem you are describing that you hear all sorts of extraneous material being read before "help" is spoken?
As to your other problem, using Chrome and the old NVDA, I can't reproduce it. 

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Sent: Monday, December 03, 2018 5:59 AM
Subject: [nvda] NVDA reading incorrect content when focus is on the Main frame of the page

When we try navigating the below URL

Observe the issue that when focus in on MAIN FRAME it reads help and on HELP button it doesn't notify user,
Steps to repro
1) Launch URL
2) Press SHIFT+TAB from username
3) Observe tab focus moves to HELP and reader would read help
4) Press SHIFT+TAB again, focus would move to main frame
5) Press Shift+TAb, focus would move to main URL
6) PRESS TAB again, you will see focus moves to main frame and reads HELP,(That's incorrect)
7) Again press tab, focus would move to HELP and will not be notifying user that he is on HELP
Please confirm is this a issue with NVDA, if not how can we fix the same.

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