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P. Otter

hi, i'I'm using the braillesense at this moment.
without any driver installed.
in the newest version you can set the braille on auto.
nvda can find your braille sense automatically.
i think you meen on bluetooth but I don't think there is'nt a braille sense with bluetooth.
braille sense is very good, very nice to work with it.
but rather old!
paul otter

Op 5-12-2018 om 07:29 schreef Quentin Christensen:

Hi Jan,

NVDA supports Braille Sense, Braille EDGE, Smart Beetle and Sync Braille displays from Hims when connected via USB or bluetooth. If connecting via USB, you will need to install the USB drivers from HIMS on your system. You can download these from here:

On Wed, Dec 5, 2018 at 5:03 PM Jan Kowalski <rjanusz3@...> wrote:
Hi guys,
Is it possible to use braillesense plus witch old port com?

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