Re: some questions about chrome

P. Otter

you're correct!!!
you understand my question.
that was the problem, but now the answer 😏
paul otter

Op 5-12-2018 om 02:26 schreef Kwork:

Thanks. I believe the question though was slightly different. After saying no, how can you reset that prompt so that it will ask you again later so you can choose differently if you decide you do want that password to be saved?

On 12/4/2018 3:29 PM, Desert Moon via Groups.Io wrote:
Hello Paul and Else,

In Chrome, go to Settings, Advanced and Passwords.  There are two settings to play with:

1. Offer to save passwords
2. Auto log in

If both are set to No, Chrome will not ask you whether you want it to save the password you have just entered. If both are set to Yes, Chrome will ask you the first time you entr a password. If you say Yes, Chrome will store the password and auto-fill next time you visit that site.


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