Re: Setting up NVDA for Braille

Ann Byrne

I don't find either FS packmate or focus in the list of displays under preferences/braille. should I be looking somewhere else??

At 08:57 PM 6/7/2016, you wrote:
Hi John

Michelle Stevens here,

I also am Deafblind.

Select FS Packmate series from the Braille display drivers on the list. I think fa Packmate is in the same list.

I will stand to be corrected.

Kind regards
Michelle Stevens

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On 8 Jun 2016, at 11:33 AM, John J. Boyer
<> wrote:

We have downloaded nVDA and the drivers for the Freedom Scientific
Braille displays. I have a Pac Mate display. NVDA seems to be working
fine. However, I am deaf-blind and cannot use speech. Please tell me
what choice my sighted assistant should pick on the Braille menu.


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