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So how do you reckon you can still use Outlook Express then? assumedly this works as I use it all the time it being far better than any Microsoft heap that has followed it.

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Technically thats true however eventually if a program is not updated
anymore it stops recieving updated ssl certs automatically, yes you can
still use eudora7 but you have to manually apply ssl certs the ssl
software also changes and with heartblead and other things if your ssl
lib has issues then you do to.

Saying that if you wanted to use thunderbird 52 its not like they will
be not supporting it immediately there isn't any updates to it though
but you can still use it.

Keeping preview pains off and not allowing remote contnet as well as how
you open and use attachments is probably all you need to keep safe.

That includes not allowing html or anything to run inside an email.

Thats probably all you need to really be concerned with.

An email attachment can infect you and if something directs you online
then maybe but an actual email can't.

Technically in a text file there is something old called an ansi virus
which could infect your system.

But you would notice it, I mean its not like you could hide the code in
your file and wander what is that extra code doing there.

At any rate, the chances of getting infected from an email is basically
0 now.

For the last 5 or so years antivirus and antispam has been a core part
of any isp platform even google.

True there are downsides but what it means is you shouldn't be able to
get any infections in email even attachments are prescanned to some
extent before you get an email.

Cloud attachments should also be scanned maybe anyway.

The only thing clicking fishing links and the like thats a problem.

On 12/5/2018 8:55 AM, Gene wrote:
When is the last time you saw a credible report, or even a questionable one, about vulnerabilities in an e-mail program being hacked to spread malware? It is important to use current versions of browsers but I very much question that it matters much with e-mail programs unless, perhaps they are very old. With all the people on lists we follow who use Outlook Express, a very old program, however, I have never seen one report on lists or anywhere else of malicious e-mail being used to infect machines with that program or other perhaps more vulnerable programs. If a program is too old, it may not have good default security settings. For example, it may automatically download images, which is a security risk. That should be turned off. I would use effective security settings with e-mail programs. Why invite trouble? But I question that malicious code in e-mails is much of a problem. Others may disagree and may have factual information about this but from what I've observed for a long time, this is what I think currently.

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Failing to update programs that regularly access the Internet such as
mail programs endangers your system. Many updates involving patching
security holes and/or protection against new threats in the wild such as
Trojans and root kits.

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Personally with email software, unless you have a valid reason to
change the version stick with what works. There is a lot to be said
for another well known proverb
If its not broken don't fix it!

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hello every one.
as you know, firefox quantum with multiprocess support, caused many
issues, slowness, crashes or instibilities for screen reader users.
i am curious and wish that know, does thunderbird 60 has the issues of
firefox quantum which i mentioned?
thunderbird 60 like new versions of firefox, support photon and
quantum css, but fortunately does not support multiprocess until now.

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